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Images of abandoned, crumbling cemeteries and haunted, deserted villages compelled filmmaker Matthew Mishory to visit rural Moldova, where his father was born but never returned. There were once half a million Jews in this region historically known as Bessarabia; now only a few remain. After years of pogroms, most were murdered in the Holocaust. Others fled in the years of Soviet rule that followed. Moldova is today the poorest, least developed, and least visited country in Europe. It is also overwhelmingly rural -- and beautiful. The transition to a free market economy hit particularly hard. Those of working age have gone, leaving their children and the elderly behind in a place lost in time.ABSENT is a cinematic portrait of the Moldovan ghost villages of Mărculeşti and Vadul-Raşcov and their remaining inhabitants. Who are the people who live in this absent land? How do they reconcile their own history? And what are their hopes for the future? Working with renowned cinematographer Michael Marius Pessah, Mishory documents one of the most visually beautiful, compelling, and unexplored corners of the world. An Iconoclastic Features Productionin Association with Western Transylvania Studios with the Particiation of Willona Productions Switzerland. Written and Directed by Matthew Mishory. Produced by Sabin Dorohoi; Edward Singletary, Jr.; and Matthew Mishory. Cinematography by Michael Marius Pessah