Shooting in the Transylvania Region


The studio is in the heart of Western Transylvania, in the historical region of Banat. So, in a perimeter of only 100 miles (2 hours driving from the facility), you can find a huge variety of landscapes: high mountains over 2,3 miles up, vast plains, the Danube Iron Gates with a fjord look (one of the largest canyon made by a river in Europe) and an inland delta.



Most of the Towns and villages in this area have an medieval or imperial look, as they had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Here, you can also find one of the most spectacular old mountain railway in Europe with a vintage train still in use.


We have an ever growing location database, which include a vast variety of natural surroundings, medieval castles, belle époque interiors,  Viennese theater, Austrian looking houses, fancy mountain lake resorts and industrial ruins ideal for horror productions.